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Borwick Fishing

Kellet Lane, Borwick




Tel: 07508 460730

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Monday to Sunday

8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Opening Hours

Rules at Borwick Fishing

It is Borwickfishing policy to be fair and honest with all its visitors. However, anyone seen to be blatantly disregarding the rules will be asked to leave the site and may be banned from returning. Ignorance to the rules will not be accepted as an excuse.

Borwickfishing accepts no responsibility for any loss, damage or injury to property or individuals whilst you are on site. Anglers and visitors enter at their own risk.

All anglers and visitors must obtain a ticket before entering the fishery.

We operate a zero tolerance policy to the use of drugs on our site.

Alcohol is allowed but must be consumed in moderation.

We operate a zero tolerance policy to abusive or aggressive behaviour towards our staff and other visitors to the site.

Swimming, wading and tree climbing are strictly forbidden.

Access to the fishery is via the gravel tracks. Please do not park or drive on the grass at any time or block roads or gates. Vehicles must be parked in the designated car parks.

All anglers and visitors must abide by a 10mph speed limit around the site.

All litter must be removed when leaving the fishery. If there is litter in your peg on arrival, please inform the bailiff as soon as possible.

No fires or loud music- BBQ's must be raised off the grass but not on the picnic benches.

Dogs must be kept on a lead and under control at all times.

Do not disturb wildlife or fauna, or interfere with banks, sluices or outflows. Respect out of bounds areas.

If you have a dispute with another visitor, please contact the bailiff who will deal with the situation.

Anglers must purchase the appropriate ticket for the lake they wish to fish and the number of rods they wish to use and have environment agency rod licenses to cover their use. You must show both of these to the bailiff on request.

Anglers may leave their tackle, at their own risk, for a maximum of 3 hours should they need to leave the site. Any longer and you must remove your tackle.

Strictly no reserving or monopolising of swims between anglers.

Tackle Rules - All Lakes

No keep nets.

Barbless hooks only.

Maximum 3 rods per angler.

No leadcore (including 'unleaded') or shock leaders of any kind except on spod and marker rods.

No long shank, bent hooks (i.e fox series 5).

No fixed lead/ feeder rigs.

Tackle Rules - Jimmy's Lake

Minimum 12lb line.

Minimum 42" landing net.

Large padded unhooking mats essential.


Each angler is allowed a maximum of 1 non-fishing guest who must purchase a visitor ticket at a cost of £2.50 before entering the fishery.

Visitors must leave the site by 8 pm.

No overnight guests unless by prior arrangement.

Anglers will be held responsible for the actions of any guests they invite onto the site.

Bait Controls

We highly recommend the use of Pallatrax bait on our site. Available in the tackle shop.

No halibut pellets or any other baits with high oil content.

All nuts and particles must be prepared properly and used in moderation.

Pike Fishing

Pike fishing season is 1st October - 31st March

Minimum 12lb line.

Wire traces must be used at all times.

Barbless hooks/ trebles only.

Audible and/or visual indication must be used at all times.

No freelining.

No livebaiting.

Anglers must have a minimum 42" landing net and large padded unhooking mat.

Anglers must be in possession of minimum 10" forceps or long nose pliers.

Retention of pike for maximum 15 minutes in your landing net for photograph purposes only.